Where is the suitable location for installing my wine cooler?

Install wine cooler in a convenient location away from extreme cold, heat and direct sunlight. Except for the built-in compressor type cooler, there should be a 50-100mm space between the wine cooler and the walls to allow for adequate ventilation.

How to clean my wine cooler?

Unplug your cooler and remove all shelves. Clean the inside surfaces with warm water or a baking soda solution. Clean the metal shelves with a mild detergent solution or a soft cloth and wood cleaner for the wooden shelves.

Should I choose a single temperature zone or dual temperature zone wine coolers?

Single zone wine coolers have a single cooling temperature, ideally for storing red wine. White wine is stored at a lower temperature.  Therefore, if you plan to store both red and white wine in a single wine cooler, you should choose a dual temperature zone wine cooler with separated storage and temperature control.

What is thermoelectric cooling?

A thermoelectric wine cooler contains a cooling node. As the electrical current passes through the cooling node, the outside of the tile will heat up and the other side (the side facing into the cooler) will cool down.  The cool air will be distributed evenly throughout the interior of the unit by a set of small fans inside the unit.

Can I use my wine cooler for beer and food as well?

No. Wine cooler is not like a refrigerator. The temperature is not suitable for keeping food and serving of beer. Moreover the smell of food would affect the amour of wine for some time.

Why my wine cooler is not getting cold?

Check to make sure it is plugged in securely and be sure the voltage on the unit matches the voltage in your home. Also, check to make sure the fuse is not blown out, if so, have it replaced.

Why my wine cooler is not cool enough?

Make sure you have set the temperature to the low settings, and make sure the wine cooler is not placed too close to a heat source. Avoid direct sunlight. Clean the dust filter behind the case regularly to improve ventilation.

Compressor type wine cooler is making too much noise?

For the compressor type wine cooler, it works as a refrigerator and the internal temperature is reached by the circulation of the refrigerant in the pipeline.  The fluid of refrigerant may generate some flowing sound and the contraction and expansion of the inside pipeline walls may also cause light noises. To keep cooler at a level surface can help minimize the sound.